Mtype-nsThe SPECTRA LASER M+ TYPE is a versatile Laser microphone offering both active and passive operation, something which allows the system to listen through windows and walls.
Remote eavesdropping of a target room is made possible by shooting an invisible Laser beam from up to 300-400 mts/yds away and the M+ system can target both windows and walls.
Active mode of operation allows simplified and faster aiming and alignment as well as uninterrupted monitoring of the target room up to 100 hours continuously.

The SPECTRA Laser M+ type Laser microphone features:

  • totally portable configuration;
  • invisible IR Laser beam;
  • active and passive operation mode;
  • virtually impossible to detect (wide angle of emission at low power);
  • adjustable modulation carrier allows improved audio quality and increased undetectability;
  • inside-out listening (allows simultaneous listening inside and outside the target room);
  • simplified aiming and alignment in active mode;
  • through-the-wall listening capabilities;
  • separated transmitter and receiver setup for use in virtually any situation, even when perpendicular alignment is not possible;
  • multi-band graphic equalizer with digital sound processing;
  • optical beacon for simplified alignment;
  • easy active optical aiming system;
  • 3-axis micrometric alignment regulators;
  • Laser-proof goggles for total operator security (advanced version only);
  • digital voice recorder;
  • low profile wireless radio receiver;
  • double power feeding mode for transmitting and receiving unit (battery power or DC power adapter);
  • two professional tripods;
  • three MIL-STD IP67 carrying cases.


The following recording illustrates SPECTRA LASER M+ TYPE performance when system is operating in active mode listening through walls:

click on the above play button to listen to a demo recording for the SPECTRA Laser M+ type which shows performance in active mode operation (system listening through a 35cm thick wall): sensitivity is so HIGH that if you pay good attention you will be able to hear car traffic sounds that are picked from the system on the outer side of the target wall.

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