Sneaker-nsFeaturing totally portable configuration, the new SPECTRA SNEAKER model allows surreptitious listening of a target room by detection of an invisible ray of light that is being transmitted from an included Laser transponder. Operating range is up to 200-300 yds/mts in daylights and even double at night. Active mode of operation requires the use of a Laser transponder but offers full PPL (“Plant Point and Listen”) performance delivering uninterrupted monitoring of the target room up to 100 hours continuously.

The SPECTRA Sneaker features:

  • totally portable configuration;
  • invisible Laser beam;
  • PPL performance (“Plant Point and Listen”);
  • active mode of operation with simplified alignment and aiming;
  • multiple aiming angles are possible depending on the transponder installation (easier to use with less alignment constraints);
  • virtually impossible to detect (wide angle of emission at low power);
  • adjustable modulation carrier allows improved audio quality and increased undetectability;
  • inside-out listening (allows simultaneous listening inside and outside the target room);
  • professional optical aiming system;
  • multi-band equalizer;
  • digital spectrum analyzer;
  • digital voice recorder;
  • double power feeding mode for receiving unit (battery power or DC power adapter);
  • case-embedded receiving and decoding unit with loudspeaker;
  • one professional tripod;
  • two professional MIL-STD carrying cases with security locks.


Click on the play button below to listen to a demo recording for the SPECTRA Sneaker. The subject speaking in this recording stands about 8 meters away from the transponder microphone in the target room.